WTA Mentorship Program 2020

The program will consist of six online (zoom) sessions that will be conducted by WTA Board members and other industry experts in Fall 2020. Each speaker will have a structured PowerPoint deck for the first part (40-min) of the 1-hour session followed by time for questions. All sessions will be held on select Wednesday's from 12:00pm-1:00pm. The last webinar would include a capstone port tour. Zoom links will be provided upon registration and all dates can be found on the TU-SCA calender

Speaker Schedule: 

9/16: Trucking - Speaker: Linda Gills 

9/30: Fumigation - Speaker: Miriam Borja 

10/14: Incoterms - Speaker: Mr. Dillon 

10/28: Terminal Operations - Speaker: Mr. Todd Brown and Mr. Eric Holt

11/11: Customs Clearance & Facilitation - Speaker: Larry and Others 

11/18: Overall Port Overview - Speaker: Mr. Dominic V. O'Brien

For questions and concerns email