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Member Achievements

Full Time

DeAnte Thomas

"I will be working on supplier improvement, negotiating contracts and data analysis."

Associate Procurement Specialist at Exelon Corpoartion

Congratulations on your job, DeAnte!

Sam Tompkins

Operations Supervisor at Qurate Retail Group

"Providing overview for workers in the warehouse and continuously looking for improvements in."

Congratulations on your job, Sam!

Marissa Kohl

Procurement Agent at The Boeing Company

Brooke Schisler

Associate Business Consultant at JDA Software

Jason Nesti

Supply Chain Specialist at Ancillare LLP

Tom Allen

Procurement Agent at The Boeing Company

"Will be working on supplier integration, contract negotiation and opportunities for cost reduction"

Congratulations on your job, Marissa!

"Will be moving to Dallas, TX and working in JDA Software's business consultant practice to help companies improve their supply chain solutions"

Congratulations on your job, Brooke!

"Provide oversight to the flow of information and materials for global clinical trials"

Congratulations on your job, Jason!

"Optimize execution of supply chain functions, assist manage contracts and negotiate prices of products and services"

Congratulations on your job, Tom!


Evan Blum

Supply Chain Intern at Milton Roy

Sarah Liney

Storage and Data Protection Intern at Pfizer

Nicholas Guidotti

Sales and Operations Intern

Armin Spahic

Ocean Exports Intern

Katrina Paschall

Booking Associate Intern

Maria Villafane Perez

Supply Chain Intern at Philadelphia Gas Works

"I will be shadowing industry professionals, working on Excel projects, and be engaged in meetings."

Congratulations on your internship, Evan!

"I will be assisting the SAP Storage Engineering/Data Protection and Operations Teams by documenting new solutions and tracking migration activities and status. I will also be responsible for facilitating the Service Life-Cycle Management (SLM) and qualification process, as well as performing daily operational checklist procedure."

Congratulations on your internship, Sarah!

"This position enables me to learn the ins and outs of freight brokering. I am hopeful that this internship will lead to a fruitful career in third party logistics."

Congratulations on your internship, Nick!

"Assisting the Dow Chemicals team in coordinating and managing bookings for international chemical shipments utilizing SAP and other internal systems."

Congratulations on your internship, Armin!

"Do data entry while learning about how to work an ocean export team. As well as assisting with small projects the company is working on."

Congratulations on your internship, Katrina!

"Assisting the supply chain department with day-to-day responsibilities and with supplier management"

Congratulations on your internship, Maria!


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