Position Title: Director of Programs & Education
Year: Senior
Major: Supply Chain Management
Minor: International Business
Work Experience: Supply Chain Intern at Philadelphia Gas Works
Why do you TU-SCA? I joined TU-SCA to gain more knowledge about the world of Supply Chain Management. Through TU-SCA, I have learned about different career paths through the professionals that the organization brings to the weekly meetings to speak about their job title and what it entails. After a few months of joining the team, I had learned so much and realized that, I wanted to get more involved and help other members feel good about their future and what they can do with their career once they graduate the same way other members helped me!
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502c Alter Hall,

1801 Liacorous Walk Philadelphia Pa,19122 


C: 484-988-0606


Academic Advisor: Misty Blessley or

President: Lauren Madeira